Chance is hosting Chelsea Leung, our new colleague on user growth, on her professional experience and profile. By simple Q&A as a new member of the team, Chelsea will pick Chance's brain on his outlook for Chatek in 2021, on new strategy, products & services, team and business opportunities.

Show notes

  1. Chance Jiang is hosting Chelsea Leung, Co-editor of Chatek Wire, also user growth team member;
  2. Chance asks Chelsea talk about her educational and professional background, and her thoughts on work and her aspiration;
  3. What is your overall plan Chatek in 2021? (Chance directs topic towards new and upcoming work by Chatek in 2021);
  4. As you said before, extraordinary people are well disciplined, but in reality there are few people like that. Are you worried about that you cannot hire good enough staff for our team?
  5. What do you value the most when you hire someone?
  6. You mention that you work with some of our colleagues including me who you haven't met in person in reality, how do you build the trust with our team members?  Will you be worried about some situations where you cannot get things done without they being physically around you so that you can watch their every move in the office as the traditional companies do?
  7. Over the short time I've worked with you, I noticed that you as a company leader have a very comprehensive and strong capacity for work, not only have you a good understanding on China markets, you also have global views on other markets.  How do you improve yourself as a global entrepreneur in China?
  8. What value do we try to create for our society? Can you use one sentence to summarize our mission?
  9. Wrapping up