Started on a very productive 2019 for Chatek LLC, we are focusing Chatek's 2020 efforts around a pilot product called Tikoly, a time tracking solution for service professionals, and a content channel for advocating education as a professional service. We'll also current our finding and trend analysis on emerging areas such as #STEAM and paid content service.

We had a good year in 2019, and with surplus revenue in 2019, our first question was, 'What's next?'.

Chatek team has accumulated significant experience over 2 years, and we are confident that all our past work and expertise can be leveraged and merged into ONE body of knowledge, and into ONE solution.

Solution and App Development

We will keep offering what we've been offered for clients world-wide, software solution and app developement, particularly WeChat Mini-Program app developement and integration with all things WeChat APIs.

Of the many different businesses and industries we develop software for, one theme seems to stand out the most, anything related to education markets and operational-oriented mobile apps, especially tech stacks for building the famous rising star in mobile tech platform, WeChat Mini-Program.  Thus we prototyped a simple app called Tikoly, and managed to test drive its 1st version at the Cross Boarder Summit 2019. Big thank shall go to our partner and friend Mike's communities on Amazon e-commerce. Interesting of all, CBS 2019 was hosted at a venue right next to WeChat HQ office in Guangzhou!

Test driving Tikoly, a new product, at CBS 2019

Chatek Wire

Since the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak in early 2020, we expect the epidemic will trigger a stronger (and hopefully short-term) trend in moving many business aspects digital.  So we started sharing blog posts and content that can both benefit our customers and partners, while driving meaningful traffic our way.

We get started with posts on content marketing strategies, and technical tips as well, for engaging China audience, particularly video and audio platforms that can enable our partners and customers sell digitally to China. Paid content for education and business consulting services are of particular interests for us.