Chatek Open Office are public calls or sessions for ecosystem partners, suppliers and professionals.

For 2021, if you are interested in knowing more about China's B2B marketing, channel sales, consulting services on BPE (Business Process Engineering) for China hospitals.

We're hosting weekly open office sessions on either Lark or Feishu, or interactive audio-only sessions on Clubhouse.

How to join, to listen and engage

Before you join, make sure you have either Lark (non-Chinese users) or Feishu (for mainland Chinese users), and have a decent mic, such as QCY T10 (wireless Bluetooth) or Boya M1 Pro (lavalier), for quality voice-over.

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Upcoming (on-going)

(No up-coming and on-going sessions, stay tuned)

Past Sessions

  • [09:30-10:45 am, Dec 19, 2020, on] Drop-shipping community outreach