20:00 Feb 22, 2021, Chelsea Leung is hosting a podcast with Chance Jiang, CCO/CEO of Chatek LLC, on how to build and run an all-remote company such as Chatek LLC. Pandemic permanently changed how we work. All-remote teams are rising up to meet challenges we're all facing as probably the new default of a 'work space'. Chelsea picks Chance's brain again on his personal journey since 2016 on how he got here, and what are his biggest take-aways along the way. Chance will touch upon co-founder alignment, key hires and expertise matching, how to recruit clients and eventually the holly-grail of channel building.

Show notes

  1. Co-editor Chelsea opens the talk with Chance Jiang, CCO of Chatek 2. Before I join Chatek, when did you guys first get started with the all-remote work collaboration and why? 3. What are the ups and downs on your journey in bootstrapping Chatek as an all-remote company? 4. How do you frame your strategy around the business, technology & product development and team structure for an all-remote team like Chatek?Since when do you work remotely with your team,and how do you find the benefits of working online?
  2. Compared to the traditional way of working,do you think there will be more and more people to join remote working style?
  3. What are the top 3 challenges of running an all-remote team and being substainable as a business?
  4. What are the key factors that you think any not-yet-all-remote teams shall consider if going all-remote is for them?
  5. Since you, head of the company, is based in Guangzhou city, a 1st-tier city in south China, what are the advantages and disadvantages you've seen in running an all-remote team?
  6. Wrapping up