Chatek Wire is a media channel by Chatek LLC, an IoT solution design and development firm working all-remote since 2017.  Here, we are publishing blog posts, hosting talks and conversations for our friends and ecosystem partners.

Why Chatek Wire

We've been designing and developing apps around WeChat APIs and Internet-of-Things since we founded Chatek LLC back in 2016. We did manage to write some official blog posts at very long intervals, since we've been running a life-style business since day one and not much happened besides the projects we delivered.

We haven't matched up our public conversations as much as what we delivered to clients around the world. The learnings we had would have been endangered if not recorded or shared enough.

After Covid-19, in particular, we've been getting requests for help from professionals and friends we served, on technical tips and advices that help them become better Digital Normad while being productive and optimistic during these difficult times. They've been seeing our team working all-remote since the beginning.

So we start keeping a team blog via writing or talking (podcasts) to keep sharing what we've learn along the way.